New Canaan Artisans


New Canaan Sewing Group is open to all.  If you are interested in information about joining us please email

The Executive Board

President:    Sue Scannell (C)

Vice President &      Robin Leach (C)

Secretary:      Brenda Kennedy (B)

Treasurer:     Jennifer Taraz (C)

Membership:             Cathie Seton

Affiliate Membership:         Barbara Beall

Past President:          Cathie Seton

Committee Chairs

Nominating:                    Fran O’Neil

Properties:                          Group C

Publicity:                            TBD

Holiday Sale:                     Group D

Spring Sale:                       Groups C


Honorary Members


Name                                                        Member Since     Group


Class of 1995

Clodell Warren                                                 1950         D


Class of 1996

Flo Adams                                                       1958         A

Lilias Prescott                                                  1940         C


Class of 2000

Sue Dunn                                                        1962         C&D


Class of 2003

Betty Carter                                                      1950         D


Class of 2004

Thea Eberstadt                                                1963         B


Class of 2009

Dottie Fuller                                                     1970         A

Shirley Kearns                                                 1990         E

Jo Maloney                                                      1972         E


Class of 2010

Joan Keever                                                    1961    E